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      Name:Back press machine

      Type:CYAJ-122 CYAJ-123

      suits, blazer, jacket, front body press machine

      • Description

      Back press machine

      CYAJ-122    CYAJ-123

      Scissors-type close & vertical press

      (All buck surface press at same time)

      Aluminum buck is suitable for garment


      Automatic LED controller (9 programs)

      (set: close, press, steam, vacuum)

      Period of step: 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 second

      3 level safety protection device

      Output signal on electric board

      (easy to check faulty)

      180mm length shock absorber (long life)

      Stainless steel board

      Steam heating system

      Top buck steam spray

      (steam chamber supply much volume)

      Bottom buck has vacuum

      Famous pneumatic parts

      Dimension L*W*H:1200x1200x1650mm

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