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      Name:sleeve front elbow press machine

      Type:CZBJ-104 105

      suits, jacket, blazer sleeve front elbow press machine

      • Description

      Sleeve front press machine

      Sleeve elbow press machine

      CZBJ-104    CZBJ-105

      Scissors-type close & press

      Metal buck is suitable for garment


      Automatic LED controller (9 programs)

      (set: close, press, steam, vacuum)

      Period of step: 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 second

      3 level safety protection device

      Output signal on electric board

      (easy to check faulty)

      180mm length shock absorber (long life)

      Stainless steel board

      Steam heating system

      Top buck steam spray (Italy-made valve)

      Bottom buck has vacuum

      Famous pneumatic parts

      Dimension L*W*H:900x1200x1300mm

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