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      Shanghai Kuike Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiewei Garment Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production of fabric processing, garment processing before bonding, middle ironing and after ironing equipment enterprises. The two enterprises carry out independent accounting in the finance, and carry out unified management in management. The company is certified by the IS090001-2000 quality system.
      The company covers an area of 40 square meters, with 5 main departments, such as the technology development department, the product design department, the product sales department, the accounting department, the production management department and so on. The company has first-class standard workshop and world-class CNC machining equipment, and 2.700 square meters of modern office buildings. It adopts advanced computer network management system, first-class CAD computer design system and world-class CNC machining equipment.
      The company has always been "heavy contract, reputation, quality first, customer first" as the purpose, welcome people from all walks of life to guide.
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